February 28, 2023

Türkiye draws foreign investors for real estate investments as it is a destination for luxury lovers. Many foreigners are curious about selling luxury properties for housing, tourism, and investment. Investors get different deals for purchasing luxury villas with views of the sea, forest, and mountains.

The most significant investment area in Turkey is Istanbul. The metropolis has a particular location, linking the European and Asian sides. It is home to big projects with numerous suitable luxury villas for sale for all types and budgets. 

Istanbul has vibrant city life with gorgeous nature views. The Black Sea or Bosphorus scenery and Beykoz and Belgrad forest view villas in Istanbul would be your best choice to invest in for a comfortable and cozy living. 

Privacy is among the numerous meaningful benefits of living in a luxury villa. And it is delivered at a level that even the most elegant residences cannot match. The luxurious mansions offer convenience, gorgeous scenic views, and exclusive amenities. 

When you purchase a luxury villa, you get the entire property to yourself, ensuring peace and calmness. Because you control your property, there are no irritating neighbors or people with whom you must share your area.

You will have the privilege to choose your timetable on your private property. You do not have to stress about when the gym closes or when the pool opens; everything is provided on your schedule.

The Turkish state is performing tax cuts and exemptions in the real estate sector to promote investments and projects.  

What is a luxury villa?

'Villa' is a Roman phrase initially used in the past for historic mansions constructed on gorgeous landscapes with private gardens, vineyards, fountains, and pools that wealthy Romans used to run their daily exercise and relax.

The villa idea developed from being a little agriculture combination to elegant upper-class houses. Today, a luxury villa guides the various styles and dimensions of homes and residences leased or purchased for detached housing knowledge.

These luxury estates provide a spectacular backdrop to remarkable housing knowledge, with every convenience taken care of and first-class skills.

Luxury villas are created in the most stunning places. They include swimming pools, unique facilities, ornaments, and elegant surroundings. These are all essential requirements for enjoying a life of extravagance.

These luxury estates are worth more than the flats, as the surroundings and comforts play an essential part when the value is estimated.

Which criteria should luxury villas match?

One of the motivations why investors choose to invest in independent estates in Istanbul is the diversity in offers and reasonable prices, variety of exterior and interior designs, gorgeous landscapes, excellent facilities, and assistance delivered around.

Many aspects need to be assessed before investing in a property in Turkey. If you are looking to buy a luxury villa, there are detailed standards that a luxury estate should match.

Features and amenities

Luxurious villas have a private pool, in-house staff, big living rooms, furnished dining spaces, and completely furnished kitchens. The rooms should be organised and equipped with engagement to detail and all the comforts and extras desired for modern living. There are plenty of villas presenting these qualities.

High-end villas have cinema rooms, recreation and game rooms, a spa, private gyms, Jacuzzis, Turkish baths, spas, fully fitted offices, intelligent home devices, basketball and tennis courts, and mini-golf courses. Luxury villas contain everything you need in the kitchen, including cutting-edge appliances and electronics.

Villas are often considered a sign of wealth. An estate that provides additional parking for more than one car is ideal. Another part is its vast gardens and hiking paths with plenty of greenery.

Exclusive luxuries for you and your household are characteristics to look for in a luxury mansion. Numerous villa projects contain luxuries like children's recreation areas, paved walkways, and other similar qualities.

A perfect villa should let you stay carefree without worrying about your relatives and property security. A luxury villa must have 24/7 security cameras and a security team.


Before funding property, you need to determine the location; by choosing the purpose of your asset, you should be aware that getting a villa in neighbourhoods like Taksim, Şişli, Fatih, and Beşiktaş is not possible, and Mecidiyeköy.

Many believe that only well-known neighborhoods have a developed infrastructure and modern city life. Nevertheless, this is not the case since Istanbul is a vast city. All its locations have a well-developed infrastructure.

You will get restricted and costly houses close to the city center and get cheap and various options in other areas like Beykoz, Beylikdüzü, Büyükçekmece, Küçükçekmece, Bahçeşehir, and Silivri.


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