The Renewed Turkish Citizenship Program

Unique Advantages

  • Investment requirements start from $400,000
  • Chance to become a Turkish citizen in just a few months
  • tire family may benefit, including the spouse and children
  • Profitable real estate market with a high return on investment
  • Citizenship with rights to all social privileges in terms of education, work, and health

Being a Turkish
citizen benefits

Investors and their relatives in terms of financial opportunities, social life, and easy travel. Turkey secures their welfare and future with free education and healthcare benefits provided to its residents.

Being a Turkish citizen benefits are - investors and their relatives in terms of financial opportunities, social life, and easy travel. In addition, Turkey offers a secure future in terms of social welfare and public education and healthcare.

The program also supplies shortcuts for relocation in the USA and the UK under special visa categories suitable for Turkish citizens.

Foreign investors may become British citizens by relocating to the UK as a beneficial extension of the agreements between the two countries.

In terms of the US, it is possible to live in the USA through an E-2 investment visa.

Foreign investors can benefit from a strong market filled with high return opportunities for commercial and residential real estate options.

Turkey has a comprehensive selection of comfy residences and seaside villas at reasonable costs for all budgets. Foreign investors may also gain rental income from their real estate investments or sell them after three years of restriction.


There are different requirements and options to get Turkish citizenship.

  • The most comfortable and fastest option is to become a Turkish citizen by buying a property worth $400,000.
  • Those who have bought a minimum of $400,000 worth of housing, workplace, estate, or similar properties can initiate their application procedure by proceeding to the cadastre.
  • The legislation should prepare the papers requested by the state institutions.
  • After the application, real estate appraisers check if the purchased property is worth $400,000 or not.
  • The applicant must keep the property for a minimum of 3 years.

Requirements of Turkish Citizenship
By Investment