Legal Consultancy

DPA Real Estate Legal Consultancy Service provides clear and practical advice for real estate transactions in Turkey.

Buying a home is a significant financial transaction that must be made with utmost care and attention. With this in mind, DPA Real Estate Legal Consultancy has been designed to provide each customer with tailored support for their real estate legal needs.

From before you agree to a sale until you receive the keys to your house, DPA Legal Consultancy will be there to guide you through the process.

DPA Real Estate Legal Consultancy does not only guarantee that your legal interests will be secured but will also provide timely updates, responsive assistance, and valuable advice to reduce the pressure often associated with acquiring a new property.

Where real estate dealings are part of your work and corporation, DPA Real Estate Legal Consultancy utilizes its years of background to structure and close transactions efficiently and promptly.

From property developments and leases for commercial customers to mortgages on behalf of financial institutions, DPA Real Estate Legal Consultancy’s practice is focused on guarding the value of our client’s investments during decision-making and legal representation.