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Living in Türkiye
  • Will the language barrier be a problem?

    No. Most Turkish people, especially the young, speak and understand English. Especially in tourist areas like İstanbul and Antalya finding English speakers is pretty easy.

  • Can I bring my pets to Türkiye?

    Yes, you can easily bring your pets with you so long as their shots are completed recently and have a pet passport.

  • Do I have clothing restrictions on the type of clothes to wear?

    There’s no legal law regarding clothing. Nevertheless, in religious structures such as mosques, visitors must dress modestly (i.e., cover up bare shoulders and hair) per local customs regarding respect.

  • Is same-sex marriage legal in Türkiye?

    Only heterosexual and monogamous marriages are allowed under Turkish law. While polygamy is heard of, it is considered illegal and frowned upon.

  • Is Türkiye a safe county to live and work in?

     Türkiye is one of the world's safest countries, with a predominantly Muslim population. Additionally, The Turkish Security Agency considers the safety of ex-pats and tourists a top priority, providing extensive support and assistance in cases of need. 

  • Is the healthcare system in Türkiye accessible and modern?

    Yes, the Turkish medical system is ranked as one of the most advanced in the world. It is also one of the top destinations for medical tourism, hosting thousands of foreign visitors for healthcare services all year around.

  • Is it a complex process to bring my car along to Türkiye?

    It is generally an expensive and challenging task that requires many papers by the official Touring and Automobile Club of Turkey. Therefore, renting or buying a new one tends to be more financially feasible.

  • Are there good schools in Türkiye for foreigners?

     Yes, many international and local schools in Türkiye and vocational institutes provide quality education for all ages. 

  • Can I continue my profession or trade in Türkiye?

     So long as your trade is legal in Türkiye, you can. You can easily continue your professional career in related fields. Professions such as medicine and law may require further approvals, but it is a common practice for ex-pats to carry out their trade-in Türkiye as they would anywhere else. 

About DPA
  • Who are we?

     DPA is a leading Turkish real estate company specializing in investment, consulting, development, and marketing. 

  • When was the company established?

     DPA company was established in 2019. 

  • Where is DPA company's headquarters?

     DPA Istanbul's main office is located in Beşiktaş, at the heart of the city. 

  • What is the company's focus in real estate?

     DPA offers various real estate services such as consultancy, marketing, development, valuation, management, reception, and project tours. We constantly grow our team and capabilities to serve our clients better worldwide. 

Turkish Citizenship
  • How to get Turkish Citizenship?

    One can obtain Turkish citizenship within a few months through the citizenship by investment option. Citizenship by real estate investment requires foreigners to buy a property of at least $400,000 and a guarantee not to sell for the three years after the initial purchase.

  • How long does it take to get Turkish (Passport) Citizenship?

    The Turkish Government has a dedicated department to process citizenship through investment applications. It focuses on citizenship through investment requests and speeds up the processing procedures. As a result, provided that all the required steps are completed, one can acquire citizenship within 45 to 60 days.

  • Does one have to live in Turkey to qualify for citizenship?

     No, living in Türkiye is not required to get Turkish Citizenship. In fact, with citizenship through investment, one can qualify for citizenship even when one’s permanent legal residence is outside of Turkey. 

  • Is it enough to purchase one property to get citizenship?

    So long as the purchased property is worth more than $ 400,000 at the time of purchase. You can also buy several properties and qualify so long as their total worth is more than $400,000.

  • Can I sell the property immediately after receiving passport?

    No, the estates can only be sold after three years from the date of acquisition, and you must report a guarantee not to sell the property for three years. This guarantee is recorded within the title deed.

  • Is it possible to get dual Citizenship (Passport)?

     It is possible to carry more than one nationality in Turkey, and there are no requirements by the Turkish State to waive your existing citizenship. Furthermore, the Turkish State does not require the waiver of original nationality upon obtaining Turkish Citizenship. Still, other legal controls from the government of your original citizenship may need to be checked on a case-by-case basis. 

  • How long does it take to get citizenship in Turkey?

    The period of obtaining Turkish Citizenship for investors may take 60 to 90 days, provided that they meet all legal policies and approvals.

  • Can I acquire a residence permit while waiting?

    After buying a property that fits the conditions for Turkish Citizenship and applying for Citizenship, a residence permit is issued to you and, if applied for, your relatives.

  • Do I need to complete military service in Türkiye?

    Citizenship applicants over the age of 21 are exempt from military service obligations.

  • Do all the people on the title earn the right to citizenship?

    Deed owners of the same property can qualify for citizenship so long as each partner’s percentage in the property equals more than $400,000. For example, if there are two owners, the property value must be at least $800,000 for both owners to qualify for citizenship.

  • Online investment options for foreigners

    You can rely on our expert legal team through a limited power of attorney to handle all related real estate and citizenship matters on your behalf.

  • How does one get a Turkish passport?

    According to the current Turkish citizenship regulation and its executive rules, Turkish Citizenship can be obtained in several ways, one of them being through investment. Thus, one can acquire Turkish citizenship and a passport by investing at least $400,000 in real estate.

  • Is there any possibility of being denied citizenship?

    The Turkish government makes the decision for each case separately based on the individual applications. So, citizenship requests can be denied for various reasons, but we are here to ensure that our clients are prepared accordingly for a successful application.

  • Can I buy from my relative and apply for citizenship?

    Unfortunately, the property cannot be purchased from a non-Turkish citizen for citizenship qualification. You must buy the property from a Turkish resident or a Turkish organisation. Properties purchased from foreigners will not be eligible to apply for Turkish Citizenship.

  • Can I buy a property with instalments to apply for citizenship?

    The citizenship qualification amount will be calculated only from the property's value, and unpaid tabs cannot be counted towards if there are instalments or mortgages. Therefore, the paid instalments must exceed $400,000 for you to be eligible for Turkish Citizenship for a property paid with instalments.

  • I have a property I bought previously. Can I apply?

     If the acquisition date is between 12/01/2017 and 18/09/2018, the property value must be at least 1 million USD. If the date of acquisition is after 19/09/2018 until 12/06/2022, it must be at least 250,000 USD. For any purchase after 12/06/2022, the minimum investment must be at least 400,000 USD. 

Turkish Property Investment
  • Are foreigners allowed to buy property in Türkiye?

    Under a 2012 regulation, the government has allowed foreigners to buy and own property in the Turkish Republic.

  • What is the procedure to buy property in Türkiye?

    The legal process for purchasing property is the same for foreigners and citizens. Once the property to be purchased is decided, the buyer must sign a sales contract with the seller and complete the payment. Once all the scheduled payment is completed, the title deed is transferred to your name.

  • Can I add someone else to the title deed?

    Yes, you can add other owners, such as your partner, to the deed.

  • Can foreigners apply for a mortgage bank loan in Türkiye?

    Traditionally, due to the inability to run background and credibility checks on foreigners, banks do not provide mortgage options to non-citizens. Nevertheless, a few banks, such as Kuveyt Turk, have recently started offering some alternatives.

  • As a foreigner, how do I get a tax number in Türkiye?

    The government tax office supplies the tax number after the provision of necessary documents, such as a notarised translation of your passport.

  • In Türkiye, is earthquake insurance for properties mandatory?

    Legally, all property owners have to have earthquake insurance, but the costs can run as low as 200 TL (USD 25), depending on the property.

  • Can I get my home insured in Türkiye?

     Yes, of course. In Türkiye, there are many home insurance options at reasonable prices. 

  • How are property costs and bills managed?

    Like most locations, electricity, gas, and water bills are sent to each resident monthly. Utility invoices can be paid by making a direct debit payment from your bank account.